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Jon Vargas

Name: Jon Vargas

Position: Test Engineer

Sector: Philips Ultrasound, Healthcare

Location: Reedsville, Pennsylvania

What is Your Favorite Philips Product?
ClearVue & HIFU transducers I was privileged to be on a team that helped to introduce these transducers. They were some of the most technically challenging transducers designed in Reedsville to date.

Tell Us Something you would like your co-workers to know about you?
I love challenges and learning about new technologies which could be implemented to improve our current process.

Meet Jon Vargas, Test Engineer, Philips Ultrasound in Reedsville, Pennsylvania. Jon is a great example of being Eager to Win.

 In his role as a test engineer, Jon develops tests for the transducers produced in Reedsville within the ultrasound department so that they can find and correct any problems during the manufacturing process.  Jon works directly with Research and Development on the design and the tools needed to test these products.  A part of this process requires that the hardware used to test the transducers is qualified.  This means making sure that that right equipment is being used and sometimes requiring the replacement of equipment that is better qualified for this product.

Jon Vargas spacer Jon Vargas spacer Jon Vargas

There are approximately 80 different transducers produced in Reedsville and all of those at one point need to go through testing.  The release of the new ClearVue transducers included 4 transducers for 4 different applications on one ultrasound machine.  Because there is more electronics built into these transducers it required that a whole new test system be implemented.  The development of these 2 unique test systems took 3-4 months and some rework to finally get the system up and running and producing these high quality transducers.

Jon never hesitated once to help get all the hardware qualified and released on time in order to support the final production.   His eager to win attitude often meant modifying his hours to service his internal customers on –site.  He was always willing to help over the phone and never once complained.   As is typical with producing new equipment there were many times that Jon needed to help remedy several situations that arose which is just another example of Jon exemplifying the behavior of Eager to Win.

Continually improving our processes is what Jon does to Accelerate our success in making Philips a leader in health and well-being.

QUOTE: "I am helping Philips to Accelerate through driving continuous improvement in our processes as well as personal development. We are striving to instill a high-performance culture."

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