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Consumer Lifestyle

John Lombardo

Name: John Lombardo

Position: Director, Dental Professional Sales

Sector: Consumer Lifestyle

Location: Stamford, CT

Meet John Lombardo, Marketing Director for AVENT in Stamford, Connecticut, a great example Taking Ownership.

In the Consumer Lifestyle sector, our AVENT business sells products such as breast pumps and baby bottles at retail. In our Healthcare sector, Respironics has a business called Children’s Medical Ventures (CMV) which sells baby products such as pacifiers to hospitals. When he looked at it, John saw very similar businesses with very different customers. He saw a great opportunity to create synergy and open up new markets for both businesses - depending on each other and delivering great results.

John worked with Bill Thompson and the CMV team on a proposal for AVENT to be a main distributor of CMV products, and to sell CMV products into retail with the help of the AVENT team. AVENT would also participate in clinical trials and their products would be sold into hospitals with the help of the CMV team. The two product teams are now working together closely to bring their products to the new markets, and the joint plan is set to begin rolling out in March 2010.

In working with Healthcare on this initiative, John realized that the product teams and the sectors had a lot in common. He believes that there are many more similarities between the sectors than there are differences. We have the same challenges, and we also have the same mindset. “The company is a lot smaller than you think,” he says. “We are all driving towards the same goal.”

Creating synergy and developing sales opportunities across sectors. This is what John does to Accelerate our success in making Philips a leader in health and well-being.

If you have an idea for cross-selling, please contact Willem Houck at

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